Student Exhibitions


Every year there is one collection of student art work at the Fall Fine Arts Briefing, with a return date of the next year’s Fall Fine Arts Briefing. This year (2018), MSDE will be collecting work early (by September 15th). Please contact Emily Cory at to set up a pick-up.

  • Submit 10 pieces that represent all grade levels.
  • Matted 22” by 28” (either horizontal or vertical) with the MSDE Art Work Release (attached below)  taped to the back.
  • Designate which piece goes in which exhibit (Fall First Lady’s Exhibit, Fall Treasury Building Exhibit, Spring First Lady’s Exhibit, or Spring Treasury Building Exhibit).
  • Each Piece MUST contain a label on the bottom right that includes title, medium, artist, grade, school and district. It mus also have a completed ARTWORK RELEASE taped to the back of the work.


The MSDE Office of Fine Arts is now collecting DIGITAL MEDIA! This collection will be used to highlight the work of each LEA throughout the year in photo exhibitions at the Maryland State Department of Education and Maryland State Arts Council offices and tagged social media sharing.

  • Photographs
    • Please submit 5-10 performing arts student photos that represent multiple grade levels, either horizontal or vertical, with a photo release (attached below). All images should be at least 300 dpi and can be submitted via email, google drive, or dropbox.
  • Films
    • Please submit up to 5 short student films that represent multiple grade levels. Information on submission can be found on the Media Art Release (attached below)



MSDE Film and Media Art Release

MSDE Photo Release

MSDE Artwork Release


Exhibition Objective

  • Advocacy.
  • Displaying samples of various visual art student work from across the state.  (1st Lady’s Exhibit, Treasury Exhibit)
    • Visual Art Only
  • Raising the awareness of educational leadership of statewide arts education. (MSDE – Gallery and Board Room)
    • Visual Art and Performing Art Images

District Submission Information

Collection of Visual Art Work:

  • October Briefing:
    • Fall 1st Lady Exhibit (2 pieces per LEA)
      • Fall Treasury Exhibit (4-8 pieces per LEA)
      • Spring 1st Lady Exhibit (2 pieces per LEA)
      • Spring Treasury Exhibit (4-8 pieces per LEA)
  • Return of Art Work:
    • October Briefing

Collection of Digital Media:

  • Ongoing